Xbox One Controller Skin

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Leap out of a flying bus and soar through the purple skyline with this Fortnite Xbox Controller Skin!

Glide in style as your fingers clasp tightly around the handles of your hang glider.

As you anticipate your first move, your head swivels as you realize you’re surrounded by people who want to kill you!

Take the gaming world by storm while dressed head-to-toe in a superhero-esque armor, glowing eyes, and angel wings protruding from your back.

Touch down on Fortnite island, break into a building through the roof with your excavation tool of choice, which could be anything from a candy cane to an odd combination of a plunger fused with a katana, and try to find some way to stay alive.

As soon as you hit the floor, you quickly rummage around and open a glimmering treasure chest in the hopes of finding a weapon.

Welcome to Fortnite, where you can wear your bunny costume into battle! (and who wouldn’t love that?!)

Nothing makes 10,000 hours of bouncy, bubbly, and bombastic gameplay more EPIC than wearing these Fortnite Skin Sticker Decals for your Microsoft Xbox One Game Controller! We love Fortnite!

● LIMITLESS FUN: The only thing more limitless than the fun, is the capacity for skillful gameplay.


● MAKE PEOPLE CHEER: Whether you’re playing at home alone or you’re with your friends, every skirmish you get into will surely get you guys cheering!


● FIGHT YOUR WAY TO VICTORY ROYALE: Dismantle the competition and be the last man standing in this 100-person bloodbath!

How To Apply Your Skin

1. Wash your hands and cleean your controllers.

2. Remove the buttons stickers from the skins (so the buttons aren't covered).

3. Paste the skin to your controller carrefully. You can use hairdryer to slightly warm it making it easier to move around and you can use a solid card to remove any air bubbles from under the skin.

4. Wait 2 - 3 hours so that the adhesive remains in place.

5. Enjoy an awesome Round of Fortnite!


 Note: Please be advised that due to high demand for this product, shipping times may take 2-4 weeks.