Bluetooth Mobile Game Controller

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Do you love mobile gaming? Of course you do, we all do! That's exactly why we're giving away these high-quality Bluetooth Mobile Game Controllers for 50% OFF for TODAY ONLY! Compatible with Apple and Android devices, this Bluetooth 3.0 compliant will allow you to play your favorite mobile games comfortably!

Thousands of mobile gamers across the globe use this best-selling Mobile Game-pad to comfortably and skillfully play the hottest of games anywhere and everywhere! Purchase yours today, but hurry, because quantity is limited and this 50% OFF sale lasts for TODAY ONLY!

  • Supports Vast Majority of Games - GTA, Temple Run, etc.
  • Comfortable - Ergonomic and durable hand-grip design, eliminating finger aches.
  • Bluetooth Compatible - Connect this game-pad to your mobile device and play anywhere, anytime!
  • Working Time - Rechargeable Lithium Battery lasts up to 40 hours!

Note: Please be advised that due to extremely high demand for this product, shipping times may take 2-4 weeks.        

Watch Our Game-pad in Action Below!